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Medical Robo-Call features

 People may interact with phone keys

Use the remaining keys as you wish!

*These features are always enabled without any additional COST.

 Multilingual Text to Speech

We provide outstanding quality for multilingual text-to-speech phone calls. Our system can automatically detect the written text and record it in 32 different languages.

  - English

  - Spanish

  - French

  - Portuguese

  Dynamic Text To Speech (TTS) messages

Hello #name#, Advanced Medical Clinic is calling to remind you of your appointment on #var1# at #var2#. Please press number 3 confirm or press the number 1 to speak with the office and re-schedule your appointment with Dr. #var3#.

 All of your PH information is 100% Hipaa Safe

We safeguard all of your information - Most automated call providers sell your phone numbers to marketers. We clearly state below in our terms and conditions that we will never share your phone numbers or any of your account information.

 Use your own phone number as the caller ID

Your Robocalls will be sent from the phone number of your choosing! This allows customers the ability to easily return your calls. Also, without any additional charge, your caller can be immediately transferred to the phone number you chose to display.

 We also offer voice mail drops

Use our Ring-Less voicemail option to deliver messages directly to a person's voicemail (20% WILL RING - industry standard). This option is popular with many companies not wanting to disturb their customers with phone calls or text messages throughout the day. On average, this service will delivery calls directly to voicemail 80% of the time.

 Built-in statistical analysis

View charts, export and search though phone call and text message history for any date range. You may then analysis and export the detailed information in CSV or XLS formats and save charts as images to later be included into your internal reports. We guarantee you will feel successful using our interface, and maybe, you will even have fun while creating your RoboCalls!

Stats Video

 Custom solutions provide automation

We can provide custom functionality to interface with your legacy systems. We currently provide many solutions for state and local governments that notify benefit recipients about termination of benefits, appointment reminders, and possible fines and fees with each solution all using custom business logic.

Use our Text-To-Speech for appointment reminders in any of 32 different language

Hello #name#, We are calling to remind you of your appointment with #var1# on #var2# at #var3#. Please press number 3 now to confirm or press the number 1 to speak with the office and reschedule your appointment. Thank you from Acme Medical Clinic!
* RoboTalker automatically detects the language of your template message and speaks in that detected language!

 Click to view our automated email reports and notifications

 Robo-Text features

 People may respond to your text messages

1) Text Messages always arrive from the same phone number
2) Text messages come from one short 5 digit number.
3) Have text conversations when people responded to your text.

Text Chat Video

  Build personalized text messages

Hello #name#, Please contact us about your property located at #var1# with a past due tax amount of #var2#. Upload phone numbers using the data-driven template including the information related to the phone number and we will build each personal message.  

Insert data into text

  Add media to your messages

Attach images, videos, or mp3 voice recordings to your text message blasts that are smaller than 500kb. You can also attach media saved on your cellphone's cloud by inserting the media links with no additional charge.

 Office helper for inbound phone calls

Automatically send out a welcome message with promotional codes in response to inbound text messages. Additionally, inbound phone calls hear your personal message and get a text message with your website, link with directions or a date collection webpage. You can advertise this number in social media or use this phone number as a caller ID for Robo-calls. Then, when customers call back, they can request a text message or hear a more detailed recording. Callers may also leave a voice message that will be sent to you in an email including an audio file and a text transcription in English or Spanish.  Responder Demo

 Buy a private phone # for messaging

For only $25.00/year, you can have your own personal, local area code, phone number for text message origination. We only suggest this option if you want to receive incoming phone calls to this personal phone number as this limits your send rate and send volume.

 People may add themselves to your list

Build your customer list by advertising a private local phone number for only $25 / year. You may advertise this private phone # on your printed and website and if people send you a text message they will added to a sms-opt-in group. Users may opt-out by sending "stop" and opt-in by sending 'add me'


1. Upload your list of phone numbers and variables in a CSV file from excel.

2. Create your text message template including #----# place holders.

3. Send out thousands of personalized text messages to your clients.

Bulk SMS service

Text messages & Text to speech phone calls may be personalize by inserting specific information for each contact.

Hello #name#, From Saint Luke's Medical Clinic: We are confirmin an appointment with Dr. #var1# on #var2# at #var3#. Reply with YES to confirm or to reschedule your appointment please call 800.234.4567

Best value and the best service

No contracts or monthly fees- all services are in prepaid blocks.
Allow your customers to subscribe to your text and call lists.
International coverage North & South America, Australia & Europe.
We are HIPAA compliant for messages containing PPHI.
Transfer calls are FREE- no conversation time charges.
FREE! long messages can be up to TWO MINUTES in length.
Ring-less voicemails for DIRECT delivery to voicemail ~80%.
We GUARANTEE the successful delivery of your RoboCalls!
Private text number with a local areas code for $25/year.
Volume pricing: texts down to 1.1¢ with calls down to 2.2¢ .

Your calls and text messages will be: 100% FTC / FCC legal

Organizations, businesses, employers, and retailers can message their customers legally. Using RoboCalls or text messages for marketing inside of a state's borders are legal as federal FTC laws DO NOT apply (state laws might). 501C's can legally call or text message ANYONE nationwide for fundraising activities. Our interface is 100% web based and works with any IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.

  • We send out thousands of calls a day to our clients for over four years using the API.

    -Cash Canada (Nationwide)-
  • I have been using RoboTalker for more than 6 years with complete satisfaction. They send out the calls.

    -Danny (Woman's League)-
  • We contacted our past insurance customers during open enrollment making more than 100,000 calls last year with impressive results.

    -Stanly (Ohio Insurance Broker)-
  • We use the Robocalls to send appointment reminders each day and we have seen a huge drop in no-shows.

    -Dental Associates (San Deigo)-
  • We integrated with our CRM and now calls go automatically twice a month to clients who are late pays.

    -Jay Wallace (Management Blueprints)-

We Provide The Best Overall Value - PERIOD!

Pre-paid blocks of message units

# Calls -OR- Text's per block Total Cost 1 Call 1 Txt
100 calls -OR- 200 txt $9 9.0¢ 4.5¢
250 calls -OR- 500 txt $20 8.0¢ 4.0¢
500 calls -OR- 1000 txt $35 7.0¢ 3.5¢
1000 calls -OR- 2000 txt $70 7.0¢ 3.5¢
2500 calls -OR- 5,000 txt $175 7.0¢ 3.5¢
5,000 calls -OR- 10,000 txt $299 6.0¢ 3.0¢
10,000 calls -OR- 20,000 txt $499 5.0¢ 2,5¢
20,000 calls -OR- 40,000 txt $799 4.0¢ 2.0¢
50,000 calls -OR- 100,000 txt $1,750 3.5¢ 1.75¢
100,000 calls -OR- 200,000 txt $2,999 3.0¢ 1.5¢

Units will never expire and can be used for ether calls OR text's

 Free: call transfers, ring-less, call messages may be up to 2 minutes long, and text message replies are emailed to you at no charge.

Pay As You Go Or A Monthly Subscription

Phone calls

PenniesOne unit
  • No setup cost
  • Great quality
  • Ring-Less

Text Messages

Pennies1/2 unit
  • Insert images & videos
  • Get 2 txt /call unit
  • Replies go to email

Pay as you go

Prepaid blocks
  • Units never expire
  • Up to 2 minutes long
  • 1 call unit = 2 texts


Unlimited usage
  • Based on phone # count
  • Price is fixed / month
  • Text or robocalls

 Free: You can receive 500 message units for every THREE (3) referrals that end with a new sign up. Learn how

Buy more units and pay much less

$9 for 100 calls OR 200 txts

No answer, means no charge

Mix calls with text messages

Message units never expire

No contracts or agreements to sign, No hidden fees.

Pay only for calls that end with a live person or voicemail.

Long messages up to 2 minutes with no additional charge.

LOWEST OVERALL COST without hidden charges or fees.

10% more FREE message units for non-profits (.org, edu).

Text message Autoresponder when users Opt-in or reply.

Only $25 for a dedicated phone number for text & Opt-In's.

We use Tier-One providers to ensure great voice quality.

Phone numbers are always STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

We respect your privacy:   Terms & Conditions

Personal Information


Get 10% more units for FREE!

Emails with .gov, .org or .edu get 10% additional units with every purchase!

Great pricing for 20K call/40K Txt unit blocks

Only 4 cents per 2 minute long call and free transfer talk-time


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Save hours of making phone calls for just pennies

Automate your calls and text messages

Web portal, cell phone, use our API's, or send us an email

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