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Three simple steps

1. Upload your list of phone numbers and variables in a CSV.

2. Create a text message template including #----# place holders.

3. Send out thousands of personalized text messages to your clients.

Bulk SMS service

You may upload additional parameters to create personal text messages and Text-To-Speech phone calls for specific numbers on your contact lists.
Most of our competitors require that every message be reviewed and then approved before delivery, as well as the mandatory use of a SHORT-CODE and keyword to receive a response. This is an extremely time-consuming process and so, sending a targeted message to a small group of individuals is hardly worth the effort. However, whether you're sending a customized message to ten people or ten thousand people, makes the process simple and quick!

Text messages may be personalize by inserting specific information to each contact's message.

Hello #name#, We are texting to remind you of your appointment with #var1# on #var2# at #var3#. Reply with YES to confirm or to reschedule your appointment call 800-234-4567. Jones Medical Clinic!

Uses for our SMS / Text Messages:
Emergency & Media • Rapid Response • Mobile Polling and Notifications • Marketing messages to your customer base • Sales and promotions to existing clients • Meeting coordination for rallies and demonstrations • Multilevel marketing broadcasts for events and group meetings • Payment reminders and collections

Robotalker's text messages are just as efficient and effective as sending out automated phone calls to a list of numbers!


Text To Speech Automatic Calls

Our simple tools allow multilingual text-to-speech phone calls to be customized with the information in your database and then used as appointment reminders, late payment reminders, informational calls, and fraud prevention.


Here are some ways you can improve your overall experience:

1. By using a comma or period, you can create a small pause and change the emphasis on particular words.
2. You can alter the order of the words to subtly affect the pronunciation.
3. The use of quotation marks can change the pronunciation of the word.
4. Using quotes around words can change their pronunciation so remove them.
5. Grouping words together with the use of a hyphen can improve the pronunciation.
6. If you are using an abbreviation, such as API, separate the letters with a space (i.e. "A P I"). If it is written as "API", it will be pronounced "appy".
7. Letters are read better than numbers! If you're using a number, please spell it out instead (i.e. for "145" try writing "one hundred and forty five".)

Build voice phone messages with our text-to-speech in 32 different languages

Hello #name#, We are calling to remind you of your appointment with #var1# on #var2# at #var3#. Please press number 3 now to confirm or press the number 1 to speak with the office and reschedule your appointment. Thank you from Acme Medical Clinic!

* RoboTalker automatically detects the language of a message! Then, without any additional work for you, future phone calls and text messages will be generated in that chosen language!



    No human intervention required

  • Cheap, Automated Debt Collection

    From calls to collections, we'll do ALL the work for pennies.


    Payments are direct deposited into your account!

Ways to connect your applications to ours

Restful API

View REST Interface
REST Interface allows phone calls and text messaging automation

Quickly send out phone calls and text messages programmatically

Use our SSL connection for data security. This interface allows Text To Speech, pre-recorded messages, data driven SMS's, full functionality of all Robotalker options and features.
View RESTFUL Documentation

Carelogic HL7

Qualifacts Website
Send Hipaa compliant appointment reminder phone calls and text messages automatically from your Qualifacts schedule

We work with Carelogic to connect your schedule with secure HL7 messages to send out text to speech calls and text messages with reminders containing name, date time, location and allow conformation replies and cancelations. No programming required! We can accept all HL7 SIU^S12 message files.

Make phone calls and text messages programmatically

Use our SSL connection for data security. This interface allows Text To Speech, pre-recorded messages, data driven SMS's, full functionality of all Robotalker options and features.
View SOAP Documentation

POST the information needed to send out one or 1000,s of phone calls or text messages from your website with our powerful post api

In less that 30 minutes of programming you can add automation to your website. We provide WEB HOOKS to push job results to your URL provided

Contacts API

View Documentation
This API allows your IT department to upload contacts replacing old groups of phone numbers without user intervention.

Your IT department can upload contacts that are always current using a simple automation to generate a CSV file, name your file using your key found inside your portal. YOURKEY.csv then post it to and REPLACE a group of contacts.


View Documentation
We pick up a file on your SFTP / FTP site each day and send out your calls or text messages.

We will return the call or text message results at a predetermined time in a standard flat file format. For a small setup fee we provide complete automation for uploading, scheduling calls and results report via FTP/SFTP to your server.

Validate # API

View Documentation
Validate phone numbers in real-time visitors enter information into your web-forms.

Text and phone calls are delivered in 12 languages based on the user's browser's default language. Simply add our JavaScript snippet to your website and YOU WILL NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR INPUT FORM to validate phone numbers. Our snippet of JavaScript will prompt visitors for a 4-digit number enable the "Submit" button on your entry form.


Send out calls and text messages for new entries into your CRM.

We can tailor FreeCRM business logic to our exact needs

Sugar API

Sugar CRM api
With a small programming fee, we can provide a custom link to your CRM!

Ask us for a quotation to automatically send out calls:

Step by step on how each call is delivered

  • 1) Phone number is dialed, and it will ring for a minimum of 8 times.
  • 2) If someone answers, the message immediately begins to play, waiting for users to press keys to trigger different events:
  •      a) If number 7 is pressed anytime during the playing of the message, you’ll receive an email with their name and number.
  •      b) If number 1 is pressed anytime during the playing of the message, the customer will be transferred to the number displayed on the caller ID.
  •      c) If number 9 is pressed anytime during the playing of the message, the system will change user's group to "User_OptOut", and the customer will no longer receive RoboCalls.
  • 3) 3) If the call is sent to a voicemail recording, our system will wait two seconds before playing the message.
  • 4) Call results are logged in the summary report and then emailed to you after delivering the last call.

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We are 100% FCC/FTC Legal

We offer 100% FTC / FCC legal automated marketing calls by following the FCC and FTC rules to the letter. We can provide a dedicated phone number in each of the 50 states allowing us to legally originate and terminate automated phone calls WITHIN that state. These calls never cross state lines and therefore, they are NOT subject to any federal laws. The caller ID on each call is local to that state, and call recipients may call back this number and be connected to you. This makes 100% compliant with FTC and FCC rules and regulations for automated phone calls. Therefore, your automated phone calls are only subject to state and local laws, if any exist.

You must display a caller ID PREFIX from the state in which the calls are being delivered. This ensures that the origination and completion of calls remain in-state and not inter-state in order to be compliant with state laws.

** The FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule applies to telemarketers who make calls across state lines on behalf of charitable organizations.

"This rule restricts call times to between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. The rule also requires telemarketers to identify the name of the charitable organization they represent, as well as to immediately disclose that the purpose of the call is to inquire about a contribution. Telemarketers may not mislead you or lie to receive a contribution."

FTC Automated calling rules

FTC Telemarketing rules

FTC SMS rules

 Multi-State ONLY Calling FTC rules and regulations:

If your Robo-Calls stay within one state, you only need to follow that particular state's automated calling rules.

While some states do have laws regarding automated phone calls mainly to prevent fraud, most states do not. Political Robo-Calls are 100% legal in every state with the exception of California due to a recent law passed that is currently under appeal.

We can do everything for you!

Here's ALL we need from you at least 30 minutes before message delivery time:

- your contact list in ether a CVS, Excel, or text file format

- the start time, end time, and date(s) for delivery of calls

- the login information for your RoboTalker account

- the phone number you want displayed as the caller ID

Email this information to: Support

You may also call us with your instructions at: 954.903.0834

Call this number to record your message by phone: +1.954.320.6484 or email us your audio file.

CONTACT US NOW AT: 954-320-6484