Reach students and alumni

1000's of messages with a few mouse clicks

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Uses for robocalls in education

From daycare, to high schools and universities

No contracts or monthly fees! Pay as you go or choose a subscription.
Allow your students to add themselves to call lists with text.
International universities: North & South America, Australia & Europe.
Confirmation for absentees and verifications for pick-ups.
Open registration and late payment reminders.
Record up to TWO MINUTES long so take your time.
Ring-less voice mails for DIRECT delivery to voice mail (~80%).
We GUARANTEE text and call delivery with multiple providers.
We can answer your office phone, send out links and take messages.
Monthly subscriptions are low cost with unlimited calls and text.
Monthly subscriptions are for a fixed number of contacts.

Your Calls and Text Messages are 100% FTC / FCC legal

501C's can legally call or text message ANYONE nationwide for notifications and fund raising activities.
Our interface is 100% web based and works with any IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.

Free up teachers' time to focus on students

Easy to use system the whole staff can use

Need to get a hold of your educational community fast? With Robotalker's call blast and automated text message service, schools all over the world can easily reach parents, students, and teachers in a matter of minutes. Robotalker's automated phone call software is the solution schools have needed since the beginning of time... and since we value the education of our youth, emails with .edu, .gov, .church get 10% additional units with every purchase and 10% additional monthly contacts!

Sending robocalls to cell phones and landlines, there's no more need for manual telephone trees or tedious all-hands-on-deck manual dialing to communicate necessary notices. Snow day? Emergency shutdown? Event or general schedule update? With robocalls your entire database can be reached immediately via a phone and text message broadcast, as Robotalker offers a reliable, efficient automatic call service.

Some ways educators utilize automated phone calls and text to inform:

School Schedule Change or Cancellation Notifications
Emergency Reports
Parent Teacher Meeting Reminders
Tuition Reminder
Weather Cancellations or Delays
Rumor Control Policy
Substitute Teacher Requests
And Many More!

Large public university or small private daycare? Robotalker can ensure your database of contacts can integrate effortlessly with our robocall system via our API. You'll be able to reach your students and parents directly and instantly to alert them of any pressing or routine announcements, without the headache of manual calling or wasted printing and paper for fliers. By using many of Robotalker's features, send text to voice broadcasts, receive call backs or transfers, and create live and voice message notifications for your targeted audience. The uses of an automated call and text system for your school or university are countless when you see the ease of setting up a Robotalker account and the many features it offers.


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Emails with .gov, .org, .church or .edu get 10% additional units with every purchase and 10% additional monthly contacts!

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