Why Solar America?
Our mission at Solar America® is to educate homeowners across the U.S. and connect them with our top-rated professional solar installers to begin receiving the economic benefits of solar energy. As electricity rates continue to rise the cost of solar panels have never been more affordable. Our end goal is to save energy, lower monthly utility bills, help conserve our environment, and protect America’s natural resources.
By creating a more competitive and efficient solar marketplace we believe the costs to both homeowner and to providers will be significantly reduced resulting in greater adoption of solar energy and other environmentally-friendly solutions.
If you are a homeowner researching solar for the first time or if you are ready to speak with a solar advisor fill out a request form on this website to learn about the benefits of solar energy and receive free quotes for your solar project. We are available 24/7 and ready to help you go solar and save on your energy bills! There is no cost to you for this consultation and no obligation to buy.