Onsite Personnel COVID-19 Checklist

If you are ** on-**** employee, please use this COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist each day ****** reporting to work.  The ** Centers for Disease ******* and Prevention (CDC) recently added new symptoms to its known COVID-19 symptoms. ** **** ***** these new symptoms to the COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist. The updated ********* now has eleven (11) questions and ** you answer YES to any of the questions, you MUST STAY HOME, notify your supervisor and **** or email the COVID-19 HR Response Team. The updated Checklist can ** downloaded here and copies **** also be available at your workplace.  The Checklist ** also available on *** MyUMass App, that you can download for **** **** your smart phone. Download, print and circulate the Checklist below. The checklist is being distributed and used to ******* *** University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic *** ** promote employee and campus safety. Place the checklist and the reminder posters in **** work spaces, on campus and ** home. You can help You and Your UMass Community stay safe. Checklists are also available in SpanishChineseVietnamese and Nepalese.

COVID-19 Daily Self-Checklist

Fever (*********** over 100.30F) without having taken any ***** reducing medications?
** you have a Loss of Smell or Taste?
Do you **** a Cough?
Do you have Muscle Aches?
Do you **** a Sore Throat?
** *** **** ********* of Breath?
Do you have Chills?
Do *** have a Headache?
Have *** experienced any gastrointestinal ******** **** as nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, **** of appetite?
**** you, ** anyone you have been in close contact with **** diagnosed with COVID-19, ** been placed on ********** for possible contact with COVID-19? Have *** been ***** ** self-isolate ** quarantine by a medical professional ** a ***** ****** health official?

If you reply *** ** any of the questions ** the checklist, stay **** (with pay) and follow the ***** below: **** **** supervisor andCall or ***** *** COVID-19 ** Response **** ** 413-687-2283 or COVID19HR@umass.edu. If you start ******* **** during your shift, follow ***** 1 and 2 above.