Replace traditional Robocalls with our AI call center

Save time and money with a more effective way to reach new customers

Artificial intelligence call center uses

All data storage is Hipaa compliant and hidden from agent's eyes
Filter your predictive dialer traffic before transfer to agents
Replace old Avatars using AI before transfer to agents
Schedule all types of office visits or service appointments.
Perfect and constant quality of questions and conversations.
Save time and only speak with those who match your requirements.
Our AI can schedule appointments 24/7 without human intervention.
Simply pay by the minute for the phone call conversations.
Work with MUCH less call center personal for the same volume.
No more training, quality control or audits of phone agents.
Always ask the perfect qualifying and filtering questions.
Save over 80% of the cost having an offshore call center.
Automated surveys without the use of staff or operators.

Our AI call center is: 100% FTC / FCC legal

Our Artificial Intelligence call center will have personalized one-on-one conversations with your leads using real human voice and only transfer pre-qualified prospects and answer FAQ's'. Filter calls with a personalized, real human voice that asks initial questions to pre-qualify the lead and forwards ONLY qualified calls to live agents—helping you to save in payroll costs and increase in agent productivity.

Sally's interface is 100% web based and works with any IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.

See how Sally can help your organization: Call Center Sally

Schedule appointments automatically using AI

Businesses of all sizes can simply setup they own IVR for inbound or outbound phone calls in about one hour with NO PROGRAMMING.

Sally works 24 hours a day scheduling appointments for you, answering FAQ's and gathering information from each conversation.

A revolutionary new product that qualifies, filters, collects information and can even process payments resulting in sales.

Schedule, Confirm, reschedule and cancel appointments automatically. Watch your calendars fill up for 100% utilization.

Our AI computerized call avatars can monstrously affect your business from numerous points of view. For one, it causes you run telephone based promoting efforts with great efficiency and speed. You would prefer not to invest your energy just as your operator's physically calling numbers, offering items and administrations to individuals via telephone, refreshing contact records, and so forth. You need to make most out of your time, become increasingly gainful and compelling. Our AI dialer is a stage that encourages you do only that. The framework empowers you to turn out to be progressively viable and profitable whether you are a client administration specialist that handles approaching brings from customers everywhere throughout the world or a phone showcasing expert hawking items or administrations via telephone. Your agents do get worn out chatting on the telephone for quite a long time and individuals can tell in the event that somebody is depleted by simply their voice. With Avatar dialer, specialists don't need to rehash similar lines again and again. They can react to calls and start contact with top notch prerecorded messages that are voiced by expert voice abilities. This arrangement empowers specialists to rapidly work their contact records and perform different obligations. Call Center Sally is a PCI agreeable framework that verifies your client's information utilizing the strictest security conventions. Organizations will welcome that Avatar dialer has exceptionally shoddy VOiP call rates, enabling them to make and acknowledge huge volume of calls without burning up all available resources. Your clients will likewise adore the many advantages that Sally brings to the table, including transferring of a Local Caller ID, Agent Status Board, Web Phone, and Internal Chat. We also enable agents to interface with their clients utilizing their cell phones or the user portal.